Durastall Horse Stables

Durastall Horse Stables

"Why Durastall Horse Stables are the ""Choice of Champions.""

Durastall Horse Stables are the leading modular horse stall design in Australia. Durastall horse stable construction uses 100% hot dipped galvanized steel for superior rust protection. The non-metal sections of the Durastall horse stables can be made of natural wood or a high-impact coated ply-wood. A horses's safety was the principle design factor used when creating the Durastall modular horse stalls system. Durastall Stabling Systems was chosen for the Sydney Olympics in 2012. Being chosen by the Sydney International Equestrian Center in 2012 is testimony to the success of the Durastall Horse Stable design. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services."
"About The Durastall Team
Our team consists of engineers, designers and customer support staff based in Australia and around the world to assist you in design, costing and installation. Jess Haines is our leading spokes person standing by in NSW and is your first point of contact. Jess has equestrian experience as well as first hand horse stable construction knowledge. Join our social networking groups to learn more about our Durastall Horse Stables or contact Jess Haines directly at jess@durastall.com.au."
"Sydney International Equestrian Centre

Visit the Sydney International Equestrian Centre located at Saxony Road, Horsley Park NSW 2175, Australia. You will see Durastall horse stable construction at the world-class facility including major indoor and outdoor arenas, 10km of trails, a steeple chase track, cross country course, modular horse stalls and accommodation.

Construction for the Sydney International Equestrian Center began in 1997 and finished in 1999 for the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games Equestrian competition. During this time it was centre-stage to performances from athletes such as Julie Higgins, who won two gold medals in the Paralympic equestrian dressage championships, and Andrew Hoy, Philip Dutton, Matt Ryan and Stuart Tinney, who won gold for Australia in the Equestrian mixed individual three-day teams event.

Importantly, the area has become a living museum to remnants of Cumberland Plain Woodland, which holds sacred sites of archaeological significance for the traditional Aboriginal owners, the Darug people, and early European settlement."